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Transaction Recording

Recording of transactions (sales, purchases, expenses, payments, maintaining VAT records) within online accounting system, adhering to governmental regulations and internal company rules (chart of accounts, etc.). Additionally, I can provide access to my proprietary online accounting program tailored to meet your specific needs.

Preparation of data for VAT Returns

Gathering all relevant data related with VAT transactions (sales, purchase invoices, etc.) during the reporting period. Reviewing the collected data to ensure its accuracy and completeness (verifying supporting documents and essence of transactions).

Completing periodical reconciliations

Reconciliation of bank statements with accounting records, comparing balances. Identification and resolve any discrepancies or errors found during the reconciliation process.

Reconciliation of credit cards transactions with accounting records. Verifying that all purchases, payments, fees, and interest charges are correctly recorded in both the credit card statement and accounting records. Rectify any discrepancies by investigating missing or duplicate transactions, posting errors, or billing disputes.

Reconciliation of Accounts Receivable (AR) with Customer Invoices and Accounts Payable (AP) with Vendor Invoices.

Reconciliation of payroll transactions recorded in the accounting system with payroll registers or reports generated by the payroll provider.

Preparing accounts to trial balance

Compiling and checking of all ledger accounts (revenue, expenses, assets, liabilities, and equity). Reviewing the trial balance for accuracy and completeness, making adjustments as necessary to correct errors or inconsistencies.

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