Accounting and bookkeeping for business

Your expenses for accounting and bookkeeping.

Based on volume and complexity of work involved we can agree on salary. So this would be "piecework salary". I can not offer for you to work for small salary. Need fair salary that support sustainable living standards.
To decrease your expenses, idea is to optimize work (to use working methods, software) that reduces time to fulfil obligations (to record transactions, create reports etc.). Also i am aimed to create tools that analyzes Your business performance (activity, liquidity, rentability). So in such a way you may increase your income (earnings).
I use my own created accounting software, eliminating the need for additional expenses on third-party tools. And it is possible to amend/customize software and to add more features, tools.
So in general "hourly salary" would be approximately the same as usually in accounting and bookkeeping industry. Question is regarding amount of work and how much time i need to do the work.

Status of cooperation.

Preferring employment relationships. Employment contract may be for fixed time. Also i can do some "test work", so you can evaluate whether my work is ok for your needs.

My location. Place of work.

I live in the Republic of Latvia. So i can do my job online/remotely. Your possible advantages may be that you will have no expenses for office (working place, computer etc.).

Communication and Data Exchange

I prefer communication via email, supplemented by phone or Telegram for urgent matters.
Expecting that i know what amount of work and during what time i need to do. So i plan my time and do the job.
Exchange of data may be through email and some online disks (for example, Google Drive).
Recorded transactions and reports will be available online, at password protected area.

If you have some questions, please write to: